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SEMINARIO di Andrea Scagliarini (IAC-CNR) "Modelling flowing matter: a 'voyage' through turbulence, foams, bacteria and back"


Mercoledì 27 settembre 2017, alle ore 11:00, presso l'IAC-CNR di Roma aula riunioni del primo piano (via dei Taurini 19 - Roma), si terrà un seminario di Andrea Scagliarini (IAC-CNR) dal titolo: "Modelling flowing matter: a 'voyage' through turbulence, foams, bacteria and back."


Flowing matter is ubiquitous in Nature as well as in industrial processes. From astrophysical and geophysical to biological systems, simple and complex fluids flow everywhere around and inside us.

The complexity of flowing matter resides not only in the development of spatio-temporal chaos when the flow regime is turbulent, but it is also intrinsic in systems with multiple phases and components (like foams, emulsions, polymeric liquids) and/or with internal activity, which show non-trivial rheological properties and collective behaviours.

Guided by the 'leitmotiv' of characterizing the emergence of self-organized coherent structures and their role in the global dynamics, I will review some (more or less) recent results, obtained by theoretical modeling and numerical simulations, regarding turbulent mixing and thermal convection, the rheology of soft-glassy materials and the dynamics of suspensions of bacteria and active colloids.